Paul Silverstein


Paul Silverstein is associate professor of anthropology at Reed College and chair of MERIP's board of directors.

Articles by this Author
States of Fragmentation in North Africa

Nearly 50 years after independence, the North African states of Algeria and Morocco face challenges to their national unity and territorial integrity. In Algeria, a

Amazigh Activism and the Moroccan State

When primary school students in the major Berber-speaking regions of Morocco returned to class in September 2004, for the first time ever they were required to study Berber (Tamazight) language. The mandatory language classes in the Rif, the...

Headscarves and the French Tricolor

Regimes of (Un)Truth

Rebels and Martyrs

A Kenza a yelli / D iseflan neghli /
F Lzzayer uzekka / A Kenza a yelli /
Ur tru ara

(O Kenza my daughter / We have sacrificed our lives / For the Algeria of tomorrow / O Kenza my daughter / Do not cry...

Berbers in France and Algeria

Weighing Morocco's New Constitution

2011 has been a year of unprecedented political tumult in Morocco. As neighboring North African regimes collapsed under the weight of popular pressure, demonstrators have convened in Moroccan cities as well, naming their uprising after the day...

Urban Violence in France

Dorénavant la rue ne pardonne plus                                ...

Éloge de la Naïveté

In the week since the attacks on Brussels Zaventem airport and the Maelbeek subway station, there is an atmosphere of deep mourning in Belgium, where I am spending the year as a Fulbright scholar. While I happened to be out of the country on the...

Morocco's Palestinian Politics

You are not in Gaza, this is al-Hoceima!” This title describes a video clip of tear gas in the streets of al-Hoceima, the epicenter of the ongoing protests by the Hirak movement in the mountainous Rif region of northern Morocco....