Martin Van Bruinessen


Martin van Bruinessen is assistant professor of Turkish and Kurdish studies at Utrecht University.

Articles by this Author
Kurds, Turks and the Alevi Revival in Turkey

Turkey's Death Squads

The emergence of legal Kurdish parties and the frequent occurrence of death squad-style political assassinations were two developments in Turkey’s political life during the 1990s. For the first time in Turkey’s history, there was a...

Between Guerrilla Warfare and Political Murder

The most spectacular development of the past several years in Turkey’s Kurdish provinces has been the resumption, in the late summer of 1984, of guerrilla activity. The attacks consist mainly of hit-and-run actions against military...

The Kurds Between Iran and Iraq

The news from Kurdistan is sad and grim. On both sides of the Iran-Iraq border, the central governments have been carrying out violent campaigns to bring the Kurdish districts under control and to wipe out the peshmergas (guerrilla...

Major Kurdish Organizations in Iran

Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI)

Major Kurdish Organizations in Iraq

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)

The Kurds in Turkey

Traveling from western Turkey to its eastern provinces is like going to an entirely different country—more primitive, poorer, with starker social contradictions. Many peasants there still live in semi-feudal bondage, tribal loyalties are...