James Paul


James Paul was publisher of Middle East Report from 1980-1988. He recently retired from his long-time post as director of the Global Policy Forum, a New York-based UN watchdog.

Articles by this Author
"Eventually There Can Only Be an Arab Solution"

Amb. ‘Abdallah al-Ashtal is Yemen’s representative to the United Nations. He served as ambassador for the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen from 1971 until May 1990, when he became the representative of the newly...

"There Is a Feeling That the Regime Owes Something to the People"

Ahmad Ashraf is an Iranian sociologist currently teaching in the United States. He is presently working on a book with Ali Banuazizi on social classes and the state in contemporary Iran. Ervand Abrahamian and James Paul spoke with him in New...

Points of Stress

Eight months into the intifada, Israel’s occupation appears as unyielding as the rocky hills of Palestine. Bolstered by arms and funds from the United States and supported by a rightward-leaning public, the Israeli political...

The New Bourgeoisie of the Gulf

A blue helicopter flies out over the harbor at Nice, landing gently on an enormous yacht of teak and mahogany, swaying gently at anchor. The passengers step out: A correspondent and photographer from the Spanish photo magazine Hola! are...

The Middle East and Human Rights

Ibn Sina hospital, in a beautiful suburb of Rabat, is Morocco’s finest medical facility. It is the major teaching hospital of Morocco’s top medical school, a place where Moroccan and foreign medical experts carry on research and...

"The Scope of the Fraud Was Huge"

Norman Finkelstein is a doctoral candidate in politics at Princeton University. Jim Paul spoke with him in New York in November 1985.

What sparked your investigation of the Peters book?

Owen, Migrant Workers in the Gulf


Roger Owen, Migrant Workers in the Gulf (London: Minority Rights Group, Report No. 68, 1985).


Today, as oil prices plunge, the six million foreign workers in the Gulf are feeling the...

"People are suffering tremendously"

Dan Connell, a contributing editor to this magazine, is executive director of Grassroots International, a relief agency working in Lebanon and the Horn of Africa. Jim Paul spoke with him in New York on June 17, 1985.

Arms Sales and the Militarization of the Middle East

Over the last decade, the Middle East has become a focal point of the world arms buildup. Each year, the regional arsenal grows, as the United States, the Soviet Union, France, Britain and others ship billions of dollars worth of weapons to the...

The Egyptian Arms Industry

Egypt, with the earliest industrial economy in the Middle East, has engaged in some military production for many years, supplying its own armed forces with light arms and small naval ships. Such production remained minor until recently, both in...