Martha Wenger


Martha Wenger was assistant editor of Middle East Report from 1982–1993. Following her departure from MERIP, Martha pursued an advanced degree in library science and, from 1998, she served as a librarian at the Washington International School in Washington, DC. She passed away in 2006.

Articles by this Author
Jerusalem: A Primer

It is possible to talk of Jerusalem in many ways: as a city where history lives, as a city where history lives, as a city holy to Christians, Jews and Muslims, as a place where people live and work, as a place of pilgrimage. This primer talks...

Who Owns the News?


Capital Cities bought ABC, with its 230 affiliated stations, for $3.4 billion in 1986. Also owns: 8 TV stations; 9 dailies, 74 weeklies (Kansas City Star); radio networks with 3,000...

Sudan: Politics and Society

The US in the Persian Gulf

The scale of the US military deployment in the Persian Gulf -- half of all US combat forces worldwide -- is something of a shock, even to the Pentagon. “Nobody ever thought they’d be free to commit all those forces,” one...

Primer: The Food Gap in the Middle East

As the Middle East enters the 1990s, the food situation cannot be easily captured in catch phrases like “dire emergency." Outside of the Horn of Africa, no country confronts wide-scale starvation, though poor people throughout the...

US Aid to Israel

The US has provided over $50 billion in economic and military aid to Israel since 1949, more than to any other country. Israel has the highest GNP per capita of all US aid recipients ($6,810). In 1991 Israel will receive more US aid per capita ($...

The Money Tree

How much money flows from US taxpayers’ pockets into the Israeli treasury each year? Is it the $3 billion figure so often quoted in the press? And what is it used for?

When Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-IN) asked the State Department these...

Primer: Lebanon's 15-Year War, 1975-1990

Lebanon’s people have paid a tremendous price for 15 years of invasion and civil war -- an estimated 150,000 killed, tens of thousands wounded, and hundreds of thousands displaced and left destitute. Lebanon is the only developing country...

Turkey: A Primer

The People

Turkey’s population, about 54 million, is growing at a rate of 2.5 percent -- higher than European countries, but lower than most Third World nations. Birth rates vary widely, from no more than two...

More Deadly Than Tears

The roll call of the 146 dead published by the Palestine Human Rights Information Center in Jerusalem, March 20, 1988, is dominated by gunshot victims: shot in the head, shot in the chest, shot in the neck. But among the 49 “deaths from...