Louise Cainkar


Louise Cainkar is assistant professor of sociology and social justice at Marquette University and author of Homeland Insecurity: The Arab/Muslim American Experience After 9/11 (Russell Sage, 2009).

Articles by this Author
Civil Wrongs

Within 24 hours of the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Bush administration had announced the identities of the alleged perpetrators, all but one dead, and had largely reconstructed the plot as it understood it. In short order the administration...

Targeting Muslims, at Ashcroft's Discretion

No Longer Invisible

Unlike other ascribed and self-described "people of color" in the United States, Arabs are often hidden under the Caucasian label, if not forgotten altogether. But eleven months after September 11, 2001, the Arab-American is no longer...

Persons of Interest

Persons of Interest (Allison Maclean and Tobias Perse). New York: First Run/ Icarus Films, 2004.

Becoming Arab American

Scholars have long found that while pan-Arab organizations in the United States called themselves Arab American, few individuals adopted that appellation as a personal identity, preferring Iraqi, for instance, or Syrian. So I was struck, while...