Fareed Mohamedi


Fareed Mohamedi is vice president for industry analysis at Statoil.

Articles by this Author
The Gulf Comes Down to Earth

Between the summer of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, oil prices plummeted from a high of $147 per barrel to a low of $33. This extraordinary reversal of fortune announced the end of the second oil boom for the countries of the Gulf Cooperation...

Oil Prices and Regime Resilience in the Gulf

The steady summertime creep of oil prices past $40 per barrel and over an unprecedented $45 surprised most oil analysts, including this one, who were expecting the price to drop after the US-led invasion of Iraq. But no one is likely to have been...

Washington Makes Its Case for War

The Decline (But Not Fall) of US Hegemony in the Middle East

Americans who voted for “compassionate conservatism” in the November 2000 presidential election have been disappointed. George W. Bush has proven to be much more radical than his moderate campaign rhetoric implied. In the area of...

World Oil Markets and the Invasion of Iraq

Oil, Gas and the Future of Arab Gulf Countries

The Saudis, the French and the Embargo

The successful maintenance of a near total embargo on Iraq owes to a number of factors, ranging from geography to post-Cold War global economies. Iraq’s limited access to the sea can be easily monitored, while its record of regional...

Paris, Washington, Algiers

The prospect of an Islamist victory in Algeria has alarmed French policymakers and politicians across the political spectrum. The French right, from the National Front's Jean Le Pen to Gaullist Interior Minister Charles Pasqua have, in varying...

The Saudi Economy: A Few Years Yet Until Doomsday

State and Bourgeoisie in the Persian Gulf