Controlled Reform in Egypt

Neither Reformist nor Controlled

by Issandr El Amrani | published December 15, 2005

Egypt’s Election All About Image, Almost

by Mariz Tadros | published September 6, 2005

The skies of Cairo are cluttered with strips of cloth daubed in red, blue and green. Hanging in crowded squares and stretching across streets before traffic lights, almost all of the banners proclaim the enthusiastic support of “So-and-So and his family” or “such-and-such shop or hospital” for Husni Mubarak in his quest for a fifth term as president of Egypt.

Investing in Inequality

Education Reform in Egypt

by Marion Wood Dixon
published in MER255

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Egypt Looks Ahead to Portentous Year

by Mona El-Ghobashy | published February 2, 2005

Not so long ago in Egypt, elections for the parliament, bar association and press syndicate, as well as presidential referenda, were dismissed as mere beautifying accessories for an incorrigibly authoritarian regime. In 2005, several developments promise to accentuate the significance of these once nugatory rituals.

The Trials of Culture

Sex and Security in Egypt

by Scott Long
published in MER230

Session after session, the men stood packed against the cage bars, their eyes furtive behind masks made from torn handkerchiefs or underwear. That and their white jail uniforms gave them a ghostlike look: disincarnate in the sweaty chaos of the courtroom, incarcerated wraiths.


Gender and the Contest Over Culture in Cairo

by Linda Herrera
published in MER219

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Take Them Out of the Ballgame

Egypt's Cultural Players in Crisis

by Samia Mehrez
published in MER219