Online Access

Middle East Report is now available online to paying subscribers. The full contents of every issue of MERIP’s award-winning print quarterly (back to 1998) have been posted right here at our brand new website. (Eventually, the entire archive back to 1971 will be there.) For the price of a subscription, you get access to the archive of Middle East Report, including the content published before you were a subscriber. If you are a current print subscriber, keep reading to learn how to activate your online access. If your subscription has lapsed, now is a great time to renew. And if you are not yet a subscriber, now is the perfect time to become one. Get the story from the magazine that takes on all the players -- no exceptions -- and get it online!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my online access?

If you have a current subscription to Middle East Report in print, we have already set up an account for you. Click on the Login button on the righthand side of the home page. In the username field, enter your first and last name in all capital letters, with no spaces, for example, JOHNDOE. In the password field, enter merip. You’re in. (It is possible that our system has recorded your middle initial, so if the first name-surname combination does not work, try inserting the middle initial, as in JOHNADOE.)

You should be immediately prompted to change the password to one of your choosing. (You will not be allowed into the archive a second time with the default password.) You may also, if you wish, change your username.

If you do not have a current subscription, click on the Subscribe button and fill out the form.

Your online access will last as long as you keep your subscription current.

How long does a subscription last?

A one-year subscription is four issues. A two-year subscription is eight issues. Your subscription starts with the current issue.

How will I be notified of my subscription status?

If you activate your online access, you will receive notification by e-mail when your subscription is due to expire. MERIP will continue to send you renewal notices in the mail as well.

I work for a library or institution that subscribes. How do our patrons get access?

If your institution has a current print subscription to Middle East Report, you will be able to set up access for your patrons by supplying a range of IP addresses. You may have already received instructions through the agency that handles your subscription. If not, we suggest that you call the MERIP office at (202) 223-3677 for assistance in getting set up.

I activated my online access, but I forgot my password.

Click on the Login button and then on Request New Password. The system will e-mail you a new temporary password.

I want to change my password.

Log in and click on Edit. Save your changes.

I need to change my mailing address.

If you activate your online access, you can change it yourself. Log in and click on Edit. Save your changes.

Or you can still change your address the old-fashioned ways -- by e-mailing us through the contact page, by mailing the new address to MERIP, 1344 T Street NW #1, Washington DC 20009, or by calling our offices at (202) 223-3677.

I don’t want to receive the print magazine. Can I subscribe and read everything online?

Yes. Select the MER-Web Only option when you are completing your purchase. If you are a current subscriber, you can change your subscription by contacting us.

Why isn’t the web-only rate cheaper than the rate for the print magazine? Aren’t I saving you printing and mailing costs by opting for web-only?

MERIP is not saving a dime by making this service available. Economies of scale mean that printing and mailing costs will not decline significantly. And by far the largest cost of publication is the labor cost associated with editorial, administrative and other tasks, which will not diminish. It is still the case that the individual rate does not pay for the full cost of your subscription.

Help! I can’t find an old article I am looking for.

At present, we have available online the issues in our backlist through 1994. We are working to make the remainder available in the months ahead. If you keep checking back, you will find more and more of the archive online. Eventually we intend to upload our entire backlist -- right up to MERIP Reports 1 published in May 1971.

In the meantime, older articles are accessible the old-fashioned ways -- in your university library, in the JSTOR journals archiving database or in our stock.

I receive periodic notice in my inbox of new articles from you. Do I now have to pay to read those articles?

No. MER Online -- the articles we publish periodically in between issues of the print magazine -- will continue to be a free service. All of those articles are publicly available.

What if I do not wish to read MER on the web? I like the feeling of holding a magazine in my hands.

So do we. Unless you specify otherwise, you will continue to receive your subscriber copy in the mail. And if you do not wish to activate your online access, we will keep in touch with you about your subscription by post.

Is this a phase in a decision to stop printing MER?