Editor's Picks

published in MER278

Abboud, Samer. Syria (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2016).

Abu Saif, Atef. The Drone Eats with Me: A Gaza Diary (Boston: Beacon Press, 2016).

Al-Hardan, Anaheed. Palestinians in Syria: Nakba Memories of Shattered Communities (New York: Columbia University Press, 2016).

Alper, Loretta and Jeremy Earp. The Occupation of the American Mind (Media Education Foundation, 2016).

Anderson, Betty S. A History of the Modern Middle East: Rulers, Rebels and Rogues (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2016).

Carapico, Sheila, ed. Arabia Incognita: Dispatches from Yemen and the Gulf (Charlottesville, VA: Just World Books, 2016).

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