Title Issue Type Terms/Tags
Water Blues MER276 MER Subscriber Article Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Water
Wadi Barada: Snapshot of a Civil War MER Online - Article Islamists, Syria, Water
Postcard from the Algerian Saharan Past MER272 MER Subscriber Article Algeria, Colonialism, France, Water
Waterless Wadi Barada MER271 MER Subscriber Article Syria, Water
Water, Energy and Human Insecurity in the Middle East MER271 MER Public Article Water
Water and Israel's Occupation Strategy MER116 MER Public Article Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Occupation, Water
New Lands Irrigation MER145 MER Subscriber Article Egypt, Food, Water
Primer: The Food Gap in the Middle East MER166 MER Subscriber Article Agriculture, Food, Water
Diverting Water, Displacing Iraq's Marsh People MER181 MER Public Article Human Rights, Iraq, Water
Water and Women MER213 MER Subscriber Article Development, Population, Water, Women
Disaster Strikes the Indus River Valley MER Online - Article Foreign Aid, Pakistan, Water
Basic Needs vs. Swimming Pools MER227 MER Subscriber Article Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Water
Heightened Israeli-Lebanese Tensions Over Jordan's Headwaters MER Online - Article Israel, Lebanon, Water
Building a Wall, Sealing the Occupation MER Online - Article Israel, Occupation, Palestine, Water
Water Conflict and Cooperation in Yemen MER254 MER Public Article Water, Yemen
Saudi Alchemy MER254 MER Subscriber Article Oil, Saudi Arabia, Water
Iraq's Water Woes MER254 MER Subscriber Article Iraq, Sanctions, Water
Turkey's Rivers of Dispute MER254 MER Subscriber Article Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Water
Waking the Red-Dead MER254 MER Subscriber Article Israel, Jordan, Water
Speaking of Water MER254 MER Public Article Oil, Water
From the Editors MER254 MER Public Article Climate Change, Water
Mining for Fish MER216 MER Public Article Climate Change, Economy, Egypt, Water
From the Editor MER216 MER Public Article Climate Change, Water