Title Issue Type Terms/Tags
How the Houthis Became “Shi‘a” MER Online - Article Iran, Shiism, Yemen
Saudi Arabia's Dangerous Sectarian Game Op-Eds Iran, Saudi Arabia, Shiism, US Policy
Religious Ritual and Political Struggle in an Iranian Village MER102 MER Subscriber Article Iran, Shiism
The Significance of Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr MER102 MER Public Article Iraq, Islamists, Shiism
Iraq's Underground Shi'i Movements MER102 MER Public Article Iraq, Islamists, Shiism
Roots of the Shi'i Movement MER133 MER Public Article Lebanon, Lebanon War (1975-1990), Shiism
Ajami, The Vanished Imam MER144 MER Subscriber Article Lebanon, Shiism
Quetta's Sectarian Violence and the Global Hazara Awakening MER266 MER Public Article Afghanistan, Internet, Pakistan, Shiism
The Iraqi Question from the Inside MER193 MER Subscriber Article Iraq, Kurds, Shiism
A Clash of Fundamentalisms MER204 MER Subscriber Article Islamism, Shiism, Yemen
The Islamization of Law in Iran MER212 MER Subscriber Article Iran, Islam, Shiism
The Shi‘a of Saudi Arabia at a Crossroads MER Online - Article Human Rights, Saudi Arabia, Shiism
Debating Devolution in Iraq MER Online - Article Iraq, Shiism, US Policy
The Worldly Roots of Religiosity in Post-Saddam Iraq MER227 MER Subscriber Article Iraq, Iraq War (2003- ), Shiism
Seeking a "Social Contract" for Saudi Arabia MER228 MER Public Article Saudi Arabia, Shiism
Israel’s War Against Lebanon’s Shi‘a MER Online - Article Hizballah, Israel, Lebanon, Shiism
Shiite Religious Parties Fill Vacuum in Southern Iraq MER Online - Article Iraq War (2003- ), Shiism, US Policy
Iran, the Vatican of Shi'ism? MER233 MER Public Article Hizballah, Iran, Lebanon, Shiism
'Ajamis in Lebanon MER237 MER Subscriber Article Iraq, Lebanon, Shiism
Sanctioned Pleasures MER245 MER Public Article Hizballah, Lebanon, Shiism, Youth
Basra, the Reluctant Seat of "Shiastan" MER242 MER Public Article Iraq, Shiism
The Muslim World Is Not Flat MER242 MER Public Article Shiism
From the Editor MER242 MER Public Article Iran, Iran-Iraq War, Iraq, Iraq War (2003- ), Shiism, US Policy
The Iraq Effect in Saudi Arabia MER237 MER Public Article Saudi Arabia, Shiism