Title Issue Type Terms/Tags
The Politics of Egyptian Migration to Libya MER Online - Article Egypt, Labor, Libya, Migration
The China-Africa Axis in Relation to Other Regional Axes MER270 MER Subscriber Article China, Egypt, Horn of Africa, Libya
US Raid Haunts Libya MER141 MER Public Article Libya, US Policy
Libyan Politics: A Primer MER143 MER Public Article Libya
Libya's Revolution Revisited MER143 MER Public Article Libya, Oil, Political Economy
"The First Prime-Time Bombing in History" MER140 MER Subscriber Article Libya, US Policy
Mad Dogs and Presidents MER140 MER Public Article Libya, US Policy
"American Reactions Are a Little Primitive" MER144 MER Subscriber Article France, Libya, US Policy
North Africa Faces the 1990s MER163 MER Public Article Algeria, European Union, Libya, Morocco, North Africa, Tunisia
Libya's Restive Revolutionaries MER Online - Article Libya
Jewish Property Claims and Post-Qaddafi Libya MER263 MER Subscriber Article Libya
Libya's Lessons Op-Eds Libya, NATO, United Nations
New Insights into Libyan History MER261 MER Subscriber Article Libya
Was the Libya Intervention Necessary? MER261 MER Subscriber Article International Relations, Libya, NATO
The Middle Powers Amid the Arab Revolts MER Online - Article International Relations, Libya, Syria, United Nations
Libya, the Colonel's Yoke Lifted MER Online - Article Libya
Letting the Colonel In from the Cold MER184 MER Subscriber Article Libya, US Policy
The Colonel, the Rebels and the Heavenly Arbiter MER Online - Article Libya, NATO
Of Principle and Peril MER Online - Article France, International Law, Libya, Migration, United Nations, United States, US Policy
Libya in the Balance MER Online - Article Libya
Seeking "Stability" Op-Eds Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, US Policy
Sanctions No Longer Serve US Interests Op-Eds Libya, US Policy
Assessing Italy's Grande Gesto to Libya MER Online - Article Colonialism, Italy, Libya, Reparations
Rogue Libya's Long Road MER241 MER Subscriber Article Libya, US Policy