Title Issue Type Terms/Tags
McJihad, the Film MER Online - Intervention Afghanistan, Cinema, Islamism, Oil, September 11, US Policy
Hanna K. and Farah H. MER124 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, Israel, Palestinians in Israel
Gitai, Field Diary MER130 MER Public Article Cinema, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Arab Cinema in Exile MER136 MER Subscriber Article Cinema
The Mind of the Censor MER138 MER Subscriber Article Censorship, Cinema, Gaza, Israel
Viral Occupation MER Online - Article Cinema, Internet, Israel, Occupation, Palestine
Gaza Ghetto MER146 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, Gaza, Palestine
Van den Berg, Stranger at Home MER146 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, Palestine
Argo and the Roots of US-Iranian Tensions Op-Eds Cinema, Iran, Iran-Iraq War, United States
Wedding in Galilee MER154 MER Public Article Cinema, Israel, Palestinians in Israel
Constructing a Cinema of the City MER160 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, Turkey
Gender in Hollywood's Orient MER162 MER Public Article Cinema, United States, Women
Culture, State and Revolution MER263 MER Public Article Arab World, Art, Cinema, Literature, Music, Theater
Art in Egypt's Revolutionary Square MER Online - Intervention Art, Cinema, Egypt, Literature
Paradise Now's Understated Power MER Online - Intervention Cinema, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Occupation, Palestinians
Reel Casbah MER Online - Intervention Cinema, UAE
Terrorism, Class and Democracy in Egypt MER190 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, Egypt, Islamism, Literature
Bezness MER192 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, Homosexuality, Tourism, Tunisia
Nasrallah, On Boys, Girls and the Veil MER200 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, Egypt, Women
On the Right to Dream, Love and Be Free MER201 MER Public Article Cinema, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Marriage
Youssef Chahine's "Cairo" MER202 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, Egypt
History as Social Critique in Syrian Film MER204 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, Syria
Boys in the Mud MER211 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, France, Migration
Women's Space/Cinema Space MER212 MER Subscriber Article Censorship, Cinema, Iran, Islamism
Autumn Soldier MER256 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, September 11, Sports, United States
Shooting Film and Crying MER Online - Intervention Cinema, Israel, Lebanon War (1975-1990), Palestinians in Lebanon
Football and Film in the Islamic Republic of Iran MER229 MER Public Article Cinema, Iran, Sports
Persons of Interest MER236 MER Subscriber Article Arab Americans, Cinema, Civil Rights
Fahrenheit 9/11 Plays Cairo MER Online - Article Cinema, Egypt, US Policy
Iranian Cinema MER219 MER Public Article Cinema, Iran
Iranian Documentary Cinemas between Reality and Fiction MER225 MER Subscriber Article Cinema, Iran
Spatial Fantasies MER216 MER Public Article Cinema, Israel, Pop Culture, Television
The Race Is On MER Online - Intervention Arab Americans, Cinema, Literature, Race