The Journey to Tahrir

The Journey to Tahrir: Revolution, Protest and Social Change in Egypt

Edited by Jeannie Sowers and Chris Toensing

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The toppling of Husni Mubarak marked the beginning of a revolutionary restructuring of Egypt’s political and social order. Jeannie Sowers and Chris Toensing bring together updated essays from Middle East Report that offer unrivaled analysis of the major social and political trends that underpinned these tumultuous events.

Starting with the momentous 18 days of street protest that compelled Mubarak’s resignation, the volume moves back in time to plumb the state’s strategies of repression and examine the mounting dissent of workers, democracy advocates, anti-war activists, and social and environmental campaigners. Leading analysts of Egypt detail the demographic and economic trends that produced wealth for the few and impoverishment for the many. The collection brings clear-headed, firsthand understanding to bear on a moment of intense hope and uncertainty in the Arab world’s most populous nation.

“By now, we know what happened in those tumultuous weeks in January and February 2011 -- a people rose up, a tyrant was driven from power, and a country whose ambitions paled before its reality entered a new era filled with uncertainty and possibility. Why it happened remains unanswered. No one is better equipped to tackle that question than the editors and writers at Middle East Report, published by MERIP, which has delivered authoritative analysis on the region for 40 years now. Whether the issue is neoliberal reform, the status of women, the aspirations of Islamists or any of the other issues never dealt with all that well elsewhere, MERIP always seems to get it right. This book brings it all together, and anyone interested in understanding the region will be lucky to read it. Long before the battle for Qasr al-Nil bridge erupted, MERIP understood and analyzed the forces that would start a revolution.” — Anthony Shadid

“A great way to review late Mubarak Egypt and the January 2011 uprising.” — Issandr El Amrani, The Arabist

“Whatever the future holds for Egypt, The Journey to Tahrir offers a useful compendium for understanding the roads traveled to this point.” — Publisher’s Weekly