Somalia Airstrikes Are Not the Answer

by Khalid Mustafa Medani | published February 8, 2007

On January 24, the US launched a second round of airstrikes in Somalia against alleged al-Qaeda terrorists believed to be responsible for the bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Intended to eradicate these extremist elements from the Horn of Africa, the airstrikes instead exacerbated the chaos brought on by the fall of the Union of Islamic Courts to US-backed Ethiopian forces late last year. Continued instability renders Somalia ripe for the reemergence of the same kind of militancy the US strikes aimed to eliminate. Limited military actions cannot prevent Somalia from reverting to militant haven status, but a comprehensive, three-pronged US approach could.

Financing Terrorism or Survival?

Informal Finance and State Collapse in Somalia and the US War on Terrorism

by Khalid Mustafa Medani
published in MER223

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