A Web Smaller Than a Divide

by Sinan Antoon | published May 14, 2010

At first glance, there’s a clear need for expanding the Web beyond the Latin alphabet, including in the Arabic-speaking world. According to the Madar Research Group, about 56 million Arabs, or 17 percent of the Arab world, use the Internet, and those numbers are expected to grow 50 percent over the next three years.

Many think that an Arabic-alphabet Web will bring millions online, helping to bridge the socio-economic divides that pervade the region.

Sects and the City

by Moustafa Bayoumi | published May 17, 2010

I had almost forgotten I’d sent in an application when the e-mail message appeared, like Mr. Big, out of nowhere. “Hi, Moustafa,” it began, as if we were old friends. “Thank you for e-mailing us regarding your interest in working on ‘Sex and the City 2.’ ”

The US Media, Samuel Huntington and September 11

by Ervand Abrahamian
published in MER223

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Donning the Uniform

The Military and the Media in Israel

by Ilan Pappe
published in MER223

In his book The Making of Israeli Militarism, Uri Ben Eliezer described Israel as a nation-in-arms—the Jewish collective identity in Palestine was constructed mainly through the militarization of the society. The Zionist leadership used the army as the principal agent of development and integration. Through mandatory reserve service and seasonal mass maneuvers, the army became the hammer and anvil forging national entity.

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Après Nous, Nous

Covering the Colonial Retreat

by Peter Lagerquist , Thomas Hill | published May 19, 2005

News Not "Fit to Print"

Fighting the Lebanon War: Hizballah and the Press

by Jennifer Loewenstein | published February 23, 2000

Media Matters in Pakistan

An Interview with Imran Aslam

by Kamran Asdar Ali
published in MER251

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