Toby Jones


Toby Jones, an editor of this magazine, is associate professor of Middle East history at Rutgers University.

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The Iraq Effect in Saudi Arabia

Shi‘is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have watched Iraq’s political transformation with a combination of horror and optimism. Iraq’s slide toward civil war, the carnage wrought by militant violence and the targeted slaughter of...

Saudi Arabia's Not So New Anti-Shi`ism

Enmity for the Shi‘a in Saudi Arabia, never entirely absent, has become increasingly strident in 2006 and early 2007. The empowerment of the Iraqi Shi‘a and the bloody escalation of Sunni-Shi‘i violence in Iraq have intensified...

Saudi Alchemy

The abundance of oil in Saudi Arabia is staggering. With more than 250 billion barrels, the kingdom possesses one-fifth of the world’s oil reserves, affording it considerable influence

Violence and the Illusion of Reform in Saudi Arabia

Seeking a "Social Contract" for Saudi Arabia

A Revolution Paused in Bahrain

An uncertain calm has settled over the small island kingdom of Bahrain. The wave of peaceful pro-democracy protests from February 14-17 culminated in bloodshed, including the brutal murder of seven activists, some of whom were asleep in tents,...

Embracing Crisis in the Gulf

All claims to the contrary, the Persian Gulf monarchies have been deeply affected by the Arab revolutionary ferment of 2011-2012. Bahrain may be the only country to experience its own sustained upheaval, but the impact has also been felt...

Stuck (or Not) in a "Special Relationship"

What to make of the anxieties surfacing in the press in advance of President Barack Obama’s stopover in Saudi...

"Energy Security"

Over the last few decades, the phrase “energy security” has spread like an oil spot from specialized literature outward into the standard lexicon of reporters and politicians. Like “security” itself, it is a term whose...

Saudi Arabia's Dangerous Sectarian Game

When Saudi Arabia executed the Shiite cleric and political dissident Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr on Saturday, the country’s leaders were aware that doing so would upset their long-time rivals in Iran. In fact, the royal court in Riyadh was probably...