Susan Slyomovics


Susan Slyomovics is professor of anthropology at UCLA and a contributing editor of this magazine.

Articles by this Author
A Truth Commission for Morocco

The grim names Moroccans assign to the post-independence years -- in Arabic, zaman al-rusas and al-sanawat al-sawda, in French les anneés de plomb and les années noires or in English “the years of...

"This Time I Choose When to Leave"

Fatna El Bouih was born July 10, 1955, in Benahmed, a village in Settat province. In 1971, she received a boarder's scholarship to Casablanca's prestigious girls' high school, Lycée Chawqi, and became active in the national...

Morocco’s Justice and Reconciliation Commission

No Buying Off the Past

Since King Mohammed VI ascended the throne in 1999, Morocco has created various bodies to pay cash awards to Moroccans "disappeared," imprisoned or tortured for their political beliefs under the reign of his king father. But there...

American "Blood Money" and a Question of Reparations

In the city of Lahore, Pakistan on January 27, 2011, a 36-year old American CIA contractor named Raymond Davis was charged with double murder in the deaths of two Pakistani men, Faizan Haider and Fahim Shamshad. Newspaper accounts describe...

Tourist Containment

One tourism strategy in the Middle East is the cordon sanitaire or containment model. Tourist activities are limited to specific areas -- what Algeria and Tunisia call “zones touristiques.” Club Med in Egypt is outside...

"Hassiba Ben Bouali, If You Could See Our Algeria"

On January 2, 1992, Algerian feminists demonstrated against the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) and their victory in the national elections of December 26, 1991. Their target was the Islamist assault on women’s rights and the threat of...

Cartoon Commentary

A cartoon image is short and direct and does not move when you look at it. Condensing history, culture and social relationships within a single frame, a cartoon can recontextualize events and evoke reference points in ways that a photograph or...

A Woman's Life on an Algiers Stage

Algeria’s Islamist challenge to secularism and the populist revulsion against the corruption of the ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) form the background to “Fatma”, a one-woman show which premiered May 23, 1990, at the...

The Moroccan Prison in Literature and Architecture

In seventeenth-century Morocco, the scholar Abu ‘Ali al-Hasan Ibn Mas‘ud al-Yusi admonished the reigning Sultan Mawlay Isma‘il in writing. His much quoted letter, the “short epistle” or al-risala al-sughra,...