Suad Joseph


Suad Joseph is a professor of Anthropology and Women’s Studies at University of California, Davis. Most of her field work has focused on Lebanon.

Articles by this Author
Secularism and Personal Status Codes in Lebanon

Marie Rose Zalzal is secretary general for Tayyar al-‘Ilmani (Movement for Secularism) and a practicing lawyer in Abu Rumana, Matn, Lebanon. Part of a research project on the impact of Lebanon’s civil war (1975-1990) on women,...

Gender and Citizenship in Middle Eastern States

The debate on citizenship in the Middle East was preceded by and now parallels the debate on civil society. In the West, discussion on these subjects often assumes Middle Eastern countries are incapable of sustaining democratic relations...

Women and Politics in the Middle East

How are Middle East women political and how do they participate in states, movements, revolts and revolutions? Few activities of ordinary people are inherently political. How something comes to be seen as political at times and non-political at...