Sinan Antoon


Sinan Antoon, an Iraqi writer and poet, teaches at the Gallatin School of New York University. He is an editor of this magazine.

Articles by this Author
Monumental Disrespect

Somewhere in east Baghdad there is a brick wall bearing the names of the Iraqi soldiers who died in the Iraq-Iran war, launched by the regime of Saddam Hussein in September 1980. There is no reliable tally of the casualties to date, but the...

Of Graves and Grievances

I. Graves

A Web Smaller Than a Divide

At first glance, there’s a clear need for expanding the Web beyond the Latin alphabet, including in the Arabic-speaking world. According to the Madar Research Group, about 56 million Arabs, or 17 percent of the Arab world, use the Internet...

National Unity in Iraq -- As One Government or Three?

As Iraq continues to slide into civil war, there is certainly a crying need for fresh thinking. Though he finally admits sending a few “wrong signals” with his Iraq policy, President Bush still calls for staying the course. Not every...

Bending History

Reading C├ęsar Vallejo in Arabic

The Poets