Shiva Balaghi


Shiva Balaghi is an editor of the Middle East Report.

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Change of Power

The poet Esmail Khoi once remarked to Ardeshir Mohassess that many of his drawings focused on oppression, depicting both the oppressor and the oppressed as ugly and animal-like. “You seem to suggest,” Khoi observed, “that...

Cultural Policy in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Abbas's Photographs of Iran

My work is visual. It’s immediate. My photographs show the process that is happening in Iran. —Abbas

Born in Iran in 1944, Abbas moved to Algeria with his family when he was eight years old. As a young school¬boy...

Nature Has No Culture

In April 2000, Abbas Kiarostami received the Akira Kurosawa Lifetime Achievement Award at the San Francisco Film Festival. While in the United States, Kiarostami visited New York City, where the Andrea Rosen Gallery mounted the first US...

Football and Film in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Maziar Bahari opens his documentary, Football Iranian Style (2001), at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium, where a large mural of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic until his death in 1989, peers down on...

An Artist as President of the Islamic Republic of Iran?

Something’s happening here. In one of the largest street demonstrations in Tehran since the 1979 revolution, thousands filled Vali Asr Street (formerly known as Pahlavi Street) on Monday, forming a human chain nearly 12 miles long and...

Iraqis Deserved Better Justice

For much of the time that I wrote my biography of Saddam Hussein between 2003-2005, its ending remained unclear. Throughout the process of researching and writing the book, Saddam’s government was overthrown, and he went into hiding. In...

Let Cooler Heads Prevail on Iran

Once again, President George W. Bush is hinting at preventive war—this time, ostensibly, to stop the Islamic Republic of Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Given the catastrophe that followed Bush’s last “non-proliferation...

Women and the Political Process in Twentieth Century Iran

Parvenu Paidar, Women and the Political Process in Twentieth Century Iran (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1995).

This book argues that in neither the Pahlavi nor the Islamic eras have Iranian women...