Shira Robinson


Shira Robinson, an editor of this magazine, is associate professor of Middle East history at George Washington University.

Articles by this Author
The Ghetto vs. the Gun

Idith Zertal, Israel’s Holocaust and the Politics of Nationhood (trans. Chaya Galai) (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005).

My Hairdresser Is a Sniper

Two months ago, my hairdresser confessed to me that he was a sniper. During his last trip to downtown Jerusalem, Jake told me, he had seen sharpshooters on top of all the buildings.

"I had never noticed them," I admitted....

The Problem of Privilege

“To believe in a democratic Jewish state today is to be caught between the jaws of a pincer,” writes Peter Beinart in his widely circulated and hotly debated...

The Ongoing Fantasy of Israeli Democracy Before 1967

The past week has a witnessed a flurry of debate in the American and Israeli media over the growing call to boycott companies and institutions that profit from or are otherwise complicit...

Analyze This

In her column on the Haaretz website yesterday, Carleton University political scientist Mira Sucharov bemoaned the tendency of “some...

Using and Abusing Memory

A firestorm broke out unexpectedly on my Facebook feed yesterday morning.