Sheila Ryan


Sheila Ryan was a contributing editor of Middle East Report from 1982-1994 and director of the Middle East Peace Network in New York.

Articles by this Author
Economic Dimensions of the Uprising

Beyond the cameras, outside the glare of the kleig lights of television talk shows, a quiet but potentially very significant campaign for economic disengagement is developing in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

From the Boston Tea Party to...

US Military Contractors in Israel

Over the past two decades, a combination of factors has significantly reoriented the Israeli economy toward military production -- weapons for Israel’s military and for export to juntas, minority regimes and dictators around the world....

US Corporate Ownership of Israeli Military Industries

US Corporation: AEL Industries, Inc.
Israeli Corporation: Elisra Electronic Systems (formerly AEL Israel)
Financial Relationship: AEL owns 58 percent of Elisra.
Military Products:...