Sharif Elmusa


Sharif Elmusa is associate professor of political science at the American University in Cairo, currently visiting at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service-Qatar.

Articles by this Author
Damietta Mobilizes for Its Environment

In 2008, Egypt’s Mediterranean port city of Damietta saw escalating protest against EAgrium, a Canadian consortium building a large fertilizer complex in Ra’s al-Barr. Ra’s al-Barr sits at the end of an estuary, where the...

Two Poems About Palestine

In the Refugee Camp

The huts were of mud and hay,
their thin roofs feared the rain,
and walls slouched like humbled men.
The streets were laid out in a grid,
as in New York,
but without the...

Books on Arab Economies

Samir Amin, The Arab Economy Today (London: Zed Press, 1982).

Ismail-Sabri Abdalla et al, eds., Images of the Arab Future (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1983). (Translated from Arabic)