Sarah Graham-Brown


Sarah Graham-Brown has written extensively on the Middle East. She is the author of Sanctioning Saddam: The Politics of Intervention in Iraq [New York: St. Martins Press].

Articles by this Author
Politics, Not Policy

In a public break with the US, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook today submitted a draft parliamentary bill supporting the rapid establishment of an International Criminal Court (ICC) in which to try major war criminals and violators of human...

No-Fly Zones

Iraq: Rolling Over Sanctions, Raising the Stakes

Late in the evening of November 27, the US and Russia appear to have reached an agreement to once again roll over existing sanctions on Iraq for six months, by which time Secretary of State Colin Powell hopes the two powers will have agreed on a...

Sanctions Renewed on Iraq

UNICEF Establishes Blame in Iraq

UNICEF'S recent reports on child mortality in Iraq provided ready fuel for the ongoing propaganda war over the future of sanctions. Iraq's representative at the UN has spoken of a "genocide" caused by sanctions while US and...

Sanctioning Iraq

Multiplier Effect

Despite continual White House assurances in 2002 and early 2003 that “war is a last resort,” the key advocates of invasion in Washington gave a good deal of forethought to the US-led war with Iraq. The Iraq hawks had been...

Intervention, Sovereignty and Responsibility

Four years after Operation Desert Storm, and the mass uprisings that followed in the southern and northern parts of Iraq against Saddam Hussein’s regime, the country’s economic and social fabric is in tatters. Economic sanctions,...

Security Council Conflicts Over Sanctions

New Writing On Women, Politics and Social Change

Deniz Kandiyoti, ed., Women, Islam and the State (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1991).

Seteney Shami, Lucine Taminian et al, Women in Arab Society: Work Patterns and Gender Relations in Egypt, Jordan and...