Rebecca Bryant


Rebecca Bryant is associate professor of anthropology at George Mason University.

Articles by this Author
The Many Cyprus Problems

A Dangerous Trend in Cyprus

One year after a failed referendum on reunification, divisions on the island of Cyprus are widening. In both the Turkish north and the majority-Greek south, ethnic nationalism is on the rise.

An Ironic Result in Cyprus

Turkey, Cyprus and the European Division

More than years after the opening of the ceasefire line that divides Cyprus, the island is closer than ever to rupture. When the Green Line first opened in April 2003, there was an initial period of euphoria, as Cypriots flooded in both...

Cyprus' Continuously Returning Past

The April 18 victory of a nationalist candidate in the Turkish Cypriot presidential election threw international observers of the Cyprus negotiations into mourning. They had to bid farewell to Mehmet Ali Talat, the leftist leader who had swept...