Quil Lawrence


Quil Lawrence is a staff correspondent for Public Radio International's "The World."

Articles by this Author
Falluja's Feelings of Exclusion

Standing in line outside a Falluja polling station on December 15, 2005, a man named Qays spoke the words that the White House had been waiting to hear since the preceding January 30. “We Sunnis made a mistake in the last elections, and...

Kurdish Green Line, Turkish Red Line

A Shaky De Facto Kurdistan

Surrounded by four states that do not wish it well, officially embargoed, still divided by internal conflicts, Iraqi Kurdistan hasn't had it this good for years. Paradoxically, Kurds in northern Iraq are hoping everything stays exactly the...

A Precarious Peace in Northern Iraq

On a stifling August afternoon in 2008, just as Iraq was recovering from the worst of its sectarian civil war, the Arab and Kurdish parties allied with the United States came to the edge of an ethnic bloodbath whose consequences for Iraq and the...