Phyllis Bennis


Phyllis Bennis is the new internationalism fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies.

Articles by this Author
"And They Called It Peace"

"Praise God and Pass the Ammunition!"

Analyses of the US-Israel relationship usually focus on the question of influence. Is the pro-Israel lobby more powerful, or are Washington’s strategic thinkers in charge? In fact, neither question is particularly useful. Rather, Israeli...

US Aid to Israel

Not long ago right-wing Israel backer William Safire wrote in his column in the New York Times that the Palestinians had to recognize that their “100 million-plus [dollars] annual financial support from the European Union had...

Dayr Yasin Remembered

Noam Chomsky, commenting on the just released book Remembering Deir Yassin, notes that “the Deir Yassin massacre is a bitter symbol of a long history of terror and repression, to which -- to our shame -- we have contributed in many...

From the Editor

Not all in Clinton’s administration were happy with his grudging acceptance of the UN-Iraqi agreement negotiated by Secretary General Kofi Annan. It is likely, however, that at least some were grateful to have a way out of their self-...

Ten Years of the Los Angeles Eight Deportation Case