Penny Johnson


Penny Johnson, a contributing author of Middle East Report is a member of the Women’s Studies Program at Birzeit University.

Articles by this Author
For the Common Good? Gender and Social Citizenship in Palestine

Searching for Strategies

Growing Up In Jerusalem: City of Mirrors

Representing Jerusalem

Suad Amiry is coordinator of the Palestinian team for the Jerusalem program at the Smithsonian Institution’s 1993 Folklife Festival in Washington. An architect, Amiry is also a member of the Palestinian delegation to the peace talks...

Letter from the Curfew Zone

"The PLO Is Still Waging a Struggle for Recognition Rather Than for a Solution"

‘Ali Jarbawi, an associate professor of political science at Birzeit University, is the author of The Intifada and Political Leadership in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (Beirut: Dar al-Tali‘a, in Arabic). MERIP...

The West Bank Rises Up

Ramallah’s landscape this February 21 has overtones of a war zone. Residents have dismantled the ancient stone wall across the street for a series of barricades. The smoke of a burning tire rises in the clear early afternoon air over nearby...

Morning in Ramallah Military Court

The main street was completely deserted on the way to Ramallah Military Headquarters the morning of February 25. It was the second day of a general strike called for in the eighth statement by the United National Leadership to protest the visit...

The Routine of Repression

By the end of summer, almost all the journalists were gone. They had descended en masse around June 5, the twentieth anniversary of the Israeli military occupation, crowding the streets of the West Bank and Gaza in quest of photogenic unrest. The...

Profiles of Two Families

The two West Bank families profiled here were not selected to be “representative,” but rather to explore, through people the authors knew intimately, particular lives and livelihoods as they both changed and maintained themselves...