Nu'man Kanafani


Nu‘man Kanafani is research director at the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute in Ramallah and professor at the Department of Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen.

Articles by this Author

I was afraid. Why should I be? But once I stood in front of the young women in the white and blue-striped shirt I was reduced to shivering with a tongue as dry as the Negev. She asked me insistently, “Why are you here?” I had earlier...

As If There Is No Occupation

For many months, the streets of downtown Ramallah, seat of the Palestinian Authority (PA), have literally been heaps of earth. Workers have labored intensively to replace water and sewage pipes, repave roads, lay beautiful carved stones at...

The Cost of Living Crisis in the West Bank

In September 2012, declining living standards ignited a firestorm of street protests and strikes in the West Bank. The immediate spark was a sharp increase in fuel prices, alongside an increase in the value-added tax (VAT) rate. It seems that the...