Michelle Woodward


Michelle Woodward is photo editor of Middle East Report.

Articles by this Author
Not All Black and White

In photography books, Palestine is a schizophrenic place. In certain books it is primarily funerals, masked militants with guns and crumbling buildings, while other

For Arab World Peace, More Voices Need Attention

Pundits on the right have been quick to say the Bush administration deserves credit for sparking democratic rumblings across the Middle East. They note the popular protests against Syrian influence in Lebanon and Egyptian President Husni Mubarak...

Hurting Peace, Not Hamas

As President George W. Bush said in his second inaugural address, and as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said last summer at the American University in Cairo: “America will not impose our style of government on the unwilling. Our...

Sharon Legacy Needs Undoing

With the sudden incapacitation of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his effective exit from the political scene, the rush to define his legacy has begun. President George W. Bush called Sharon “a man of courage and peace,” and...

Photo Books on Palestine

George Baramki Azar, Palestine: A Photographic Journey (California, 1991).

J. C. Tordai, Into the Promised Land (Cornerhouse, 1991).

Both of these books present photographs taken...