Mary Ann Tétreault


Mary Ann Tétreault was Una Chapman Cox Distinguished Professor of International Affairs Emerita at Trinity University in San Antonio.

Articles by this Author
Advice and Dissent in Kuwait

In sharp contrast to the diplomatic ineptitude that has characterized the Anglo-American march to war against Iraq, military preparations have been systematic, extensive and inexorable. As the military buildup has progressed through the autumn...

Kuwait's Parliament Considers Women's Political Rights, Again

When Kuwait's parliament reconvenes in late October, it will be facing a full agenda. Member initiatives include an ambitious redistricting bill and threats to interpellate at least two cabinet ministers. The government's wish list is...

Women's Rights and the Meaning of Citizenship in Kuwait

Prosperous and possessed of a spirited parliament, Kuwait has prided itself on being a standard setter among the Arab monarchies on the Persian Gulf. With respect to women's rights, however, today Kuwait ranks just above Saudi Arabia....

Kuwait’s Annus Mirabilis

Three Emirs and a Tale of Two Transitions

The Day After “Victory”: Kuwait’s 2009 Election and the Contentious Present

The May 2009 parliamentary election in Kuwait produced a number of surprising results. Occurring on the fourth anniversary of the achievement of full political rights for Kuwaiti women, the outcome attracting the most commentary was the victory...

Looking for Revolution in Kuwait

In the New York Review of Books, Hussein Agha and Robert Malley imagine the results of the Arab revolts as the possible beginning of a reconstitution of the Ottoman Empire. They see the regional unrest as media-driven, with various...