Marlin Dick


Marlin Dick is a freelance journalist and former editor in chief of the Daily Star in Beirut.

Articles by this Author
Thirteen-Year Itch

The Mehlis Report and Lebanon’s Trouble Next Door

The UN-authorized investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri, now well into a second phase of heightened brinkmanship between Damascus and Washington, also has Lebanon holding its collective breath....

Hizballah's Domestic Growing Pains

The term dahiya (suburb) is a staple of Lebanese political discourse, practically shorthand for Hizballah, the Shi‘i Islamist party seated in its infamous headquarters just south of Beirut. Before the civil war, the suburb, or...

Liberating Arnoun

This interview with student activist Hassan Marwany was conducted, transcribed and translated by Marlin Dick of The Daily Star in May 1999.

The initial spark for the liberation of Arnoun was a candlelight vigil and march from...