Jochen Hippler


Jochen Hippler, a contributing editor of this magazine, is a Political Scientist at the University of Duisburg-Essen and its Institute for Development and Peace (INEF), specializing in regional conflicts and interventionism.

Articles by this Author
Iraq's Military Power: The German Connection

Even before the current confrontation in the Gulf, Iraq was an extremely militarized country, preoccupied with internal and external “security threats. ” When I traveled to Iraq in early 1990, I was struck by the extent of...

Report from Afghanistan

The last Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan have gone home, clearing the stage around Kabul and other cities for a major showdown between Soviet-supported government forces and their American-supported guerrilla rivals, the mujahideen. Conventional...

NATO Goes to the Persian Gulf

In the last half of 1987, some 75 US, French, British, Italian, Belgian and Dutch warships steamed into the Persian Gulf in what became the largest peacetime naval operation since World War II. Six NATO countries had joined efforts specifically...

Low-Intensity Warfare

The US Navy calls it “violent peace.” One of its foremost academic boosters says it means “to fight without appearing to fight.” They are talking about low-intensity conflict. This is the term the US government uses to...