Gwenn Okruhlik


Gwenn Okruhlik is an independent scholar of development and opposition in Saudi Arabia.

Articles by this Author
Deborah J. "Misty" Gerner

Misty Gerner, an editor of this magazine and an inspiration to so many of us, died in the tranquility of her home in Vinland, Kansas on June 19, 2006 after a lengthy struggle with cancer. Misty was a scholar, activist and peacemaker, exemplifying...

Understanding Political Dissent in Saudi Arabia

Bringing the Peninsula In from the Periphery

Research on the political and economic development of the contemporary Arabian Peninsula is often relegated to the fringes of general comparative and Middle Eastern scholarship, isolated from larger theoretical debates and narrowly defined in...

Mary Ann T├ętreault

Mary Ann Tétreault died peacefully in her sleep at home in Newport, Vermont on November 11, 2015. She was a spectacular human being, a gifted intellectual, and a generous mentor and friend.

Mary Ann earned her undergraduate degree...