George R. Trumbull IV


George R. Trumbull IV teaches Middle East history at Dartmouth College and is an editor of Middle East Report.

Articles by this Author
Speaking of Water

On Piracy and the Afterlives of Failed States

Until the resurgence of naval predation in the late 2000s, pirates were confined to the realm of the fantastic -- novels, films and stage productions. Since Western states last worried about pirates in the eighteenth century, the intrinsic, man-...

A Tale of Two Secessions in the Sahara

The March 2001 destruction of the Buddhas of Bamyan, Afghanistan, introduced a new loanword into the Euro-American political vocabulary. The Taliban’s new explosion into world consciousness catalyzed, until September of that year, more hand...

Seven Places You Didn't Know Were Part of the Middle East

1) Guantánamo

Postcard from the Algerian Saharan Past

In 1923, a crippling drought pushed the nomads of the Algerian Sahara as far north as Bou-Saada, just 150 miles south of the Mediterranean coast, in search of sustenance. The French colonial authorities worried that fighting would break out...