Fred Halliday


Fred Halliday (1946-2010) was a long-time contributing editor of this magazine and a professor at the London School of Economics.

Articles by this Author
Iran and the Middle East

Letter from Kuwait

The Middle East at the Millennial Turn

Any attempt to summarize the direction of the Middle East at the cusp of the Millennium is hazardous indeed: We should long ago have resisted the temptation to see the region as a single, integrated political or socio-economic whole, or to reduce...

Arabia Without Sultans Revisited

Iraq Revisited

Amatzia Baram, Culture, History and Ideology in the Formation of Baathist Iraq, 1968-1989 (Macmillan, 1991).

Samir al-Khalil, The Monument: Art, Vulgarity and Responsibility in Iraq (Andre...

A Military Solution Will Destroy Kuwait

Ahmad al-Khatib has been active for many years in the Kuwaiti opposition movement and was a member of Kuwait’s parliament until its dissolution in 1986. Al-Khatib attended the assembly of Kuwaitis in Jidda, called by the ruling Al...

Tunisia's Uncertain Future

The first months after Habib Bourguiba’s overthrow in November 1987 witnessed an ambiguous honeymoon between the new regime and the Islamists. Bourguiba himself was under a form of house arrest in Monastir, his native town. Squares named...

The Revolution's First Decade

It is now ten years since the triumph of the Iranian revolution and the assumption of power by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his forces on February 11, 1979. If the revolution itself was a surprise, destroying an apparently strong and capable...

Letter from Dublin

As in nearly all Western European countries, there are those in Ireland who would have us believe that their country has a special relationship with the Middle East. Some of this has to do with trade, some with the sharing of enemies. But the...

The USSR and the Gulf War

In the seven years since the Iran-Iraq war began, Soviet policy toward the conflict has been quite constant. Moscow regards the war as “senseless” and has repeatedly called for an immediate ceasefire and return to the status quo ante...