Fawwaz Traboulsi


Fawwaz Traboulsi, a Lebanese writer living in Paris, is editor of Zawaya, a political magazine.

Articles by this Author
The Lebanese Impasse

On November 11, 2006, the six Shi‘i ministers in the Lebanese government, affiliates of Hizballah and the Amal movement, left the cabinet in protest of their colleagues’ rejection of their demand for a government of “...

On Being Silent

Harvest of War

It takes two to make a war, and there were indeed two protagonists in making this war. On the one hand, there was the United States, which wanted the war for a number of reasons, primarily global: to consecrate its world hegemony, to liquidate...

Confessional Lines

Gen. Michel Aoun’s “war of liberation,” and the Syrian army’s obliging response, has left another thousand killed, thousands more injured, a third of the population transformed into refugees and the worst destruction and...