Faleh A. Jabar


Faleh A. Jabar is the Director of the Iraq Institute for Strategic Studies in Beirut.

Articles by this Author
Hadi Salih

I never saw Hadi Salih (1949–2005) without his trademark innocent grin. Perhaps he was born wearing a smile and simply forgot it was there.

Assessing the Iraqi Opposition

Shaykhs and Ideologues

The Worldly Roots of Religiosity in Post-Saddam Iraq

Difficulties and Dangers of Regime Removal

The swift success scored by the US in removing the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was a catalyst for hawks in George W. Bush’s administration to advocate further experiments in regime removal surgery. But hawkish euphoria at this...

Why the Uprisings Failed

In March 1991, following Iraq’s defeat in the Gulf war, the Kurds of northern Iraq and Arabs of the south rose up against the Baath regime. For two brief weeks, the uprisings were phenomenally successful. Government administration in the...