Ellen Cantarow


Ellen Cantarow is a Boston-based writer.

Articles by this Author
Zionism, Anti-Semitism and Jewish Identity in the Women's Movement

Zionism made its first entry into global feminist debate at the founding UN Decade for Women conference in Mexico City in 1975. There, during discussions of the introduction to a program of action for the decade, the conference passed wording...

Letter from a Devastated Land

I arrived in Khartoum on April 15, nine days after the coup, as soon as the borders opened. In Cairo, I had watched film clips of the noisy, jubilant crowds that had brought down Numairi, but Khartoum was eerily silent now. The high of the...

Thorpe, Prescription for Conflict

Merle Thorpe, Jr., Prescription for Conflict: Israel’s West Bank Settlement Policy (Washington DC: Foundation for Middle East Peace, 1984).