Elisabeth Longuenesse


Elisabeth Longuenesse is a researcher at the Institut Français du Proche-Orient in Beirut.

Articles by this Author
The Syrian Working Class Today

What is the position of the working class in contemporary Syrian society? I posed this question ten years ago and concluded at the time that one could only speak of a “class in formation.” [1] I was criticized then...

Portraits of Syrian Workers

The Dibs Company Workers

The United Arab Industrial Company, also known as the Dibs Company after its former owners, is a large textile factory located in a rural area south of Damascus. It was founded in 1955 and nationalized in 1964...

The Syrian Labor Movement

‘Abdallah Hanna, al-Haraka al-‘Ummaliyya fi Suriya wa Lubnan, 1900-1945 [The Labor Movement in Syria and Lebanon, 1900-1945] (Damascus: Dar Dimashq, 1973).