Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi


Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi is the author of Original Sins (Pluto, 1992) and of Despair and Deliverance (SUNY Press, 1992).

Articles by this Author
Israel's Ultra-Orthodox

A "Miracle" Made in Moscow and Washington

If the intifada has been an Israeli nightmare, upsetting a reality with which most Israelis had grown comfortable, the immigration wave of Soviet Jews to Israel which began in December may turn into a “miracle” that will lift...

Black Hebrews in the Promised Land

The Black Hebrews are a group of African-Americans who have settled in Israel, where their controversial presence has fed charges of Israeli racism. Who are these Black Hebrews, and why have they attracted so much attention? Ben-Ami Carter,...

From Tel Aviv to LA

The Manhattan telephone directory, like that of any major American city, reflects the United States’ melting pot in action. Flipping through its pages and browsing through the names of a million individuals, one realizes quickly that some...