Bassam Haddad


Bassam Haddad is director of the Middle East Program at George Mason Univesity and an editor of Middle East Report.

Articles by this Author
Syria's Curious Dilemma

Seasoned observers of Syria have learned not to make much of apparent political changes in the country. This lesson holds true today, but with a twist.

It's Never Time

“It is our great and historic responsibility,” intoned Egyptian President Husni Mubarak on December 26, 2006, “to achieve the essential goal of developing our democracy and political life, while avoiding drifting into...

Business as Usual in Syria?

The Syrian Regime's Business Backbone

Nearly one year into the Syrian uprising, with more than 7,500 Syrians dead, the protracted conflict is not very well understood or reported despite a deluge of writings. Most track fast-moving events without pausing for sober analysis of...

Change and Stasis in Syria

My 50 Minutes with Manaf

During one of my regular visits to Syria, I was with a group of friends at one of the bustling new restaurant-bars that dotted Damascus’ old city, around Bab Touma. Some places were more popular than others, frequented by internationals and...