Aziz Rana


Aziz Rana is assistant professor of law at Cornell Law School and author of The Two Faces of American Freedom (Harvard).

Articles by this Author
The Fake Moderation of America's Moderate Middle East Allies

As the Mubarak regime turns to violence in a vain attempt to repress the peaceful protests that have swept Egypt’s streets for over ten days, the risks associated with current US strategy for Egypt and the wider region continue to grow....

To Stop the Killing, Deal with Asad

In the wake of the recent Friends of Syria conference, the United States and Middle Eastern powers that include Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are stepping up aid to armed resistance groups in Syria. Under American leadership, the conference...

To Save Syria, Work with Russia and Iran

As the violence intensifies in Syria, external powers, including the United States, are embracing increasingly belligerent positions. Indeed, in recent days the United States and Turkey have announced plans to study a no-fly zone after calls by...