Ann Lesch


Ann Lesch visited Kuwait from May 25 to June 3, 1991 with Kenneth Roth, deputy director of Human Rights Watch.

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A Scarred Society

Friday, May 24

Why War?

Since August 5, 1990, we have seen the most extensive and rapid US military mobilization since the end of World War II. As of early October, more than 200,000 US troops in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region are drawing combat pay....

Khartoum Diary

July 25 The predawn landing, with the swollen Nile below and a touch of freshness in the air, feels reassuring after two years away from Sudan. But at the airport exit a nervous officer holds back the passengers: security is...

Mutiny in Cairo

Wednesday, February 26. The story was on BBC at eight this morning. Central Security Forces (al-amn al-markazi) mutinied last night at the big camp at Dahshour and at two camps in Giza, on the road to Alexandria. Thousands of conscripts...