Anita Vitullo Khoury


Anita Vitullo Khoury lives in Jerusalem and writes on Palestinian development issues.

Articles by this Author
Women, War and Exile

Miriam Cooke, War's Other Voices: Women Writers on the Lebanese Civil War (Syracuse University Press, 1996).

May Ghousoub, Leaving Beirut (London: Saqi Books, 1998).

Emily Nasrallah, Flight Against...

Growing Up In Jerusalem

Jamila Freij (Umm Sam‘an) was born in 1930 in “new” Jerusalem, what is now called West Jerusalem. Her family had lived in Jerusalem’s Old City for 15 generations until 1925 when her father and his brother built...

Growing Up In Jerusalem: A Conversation with Majda Batsh

Yitzhak Rabin and Israel's Death Squads

Erasing Arab Jerusalem

Uprising in Gaza

One year before the Palestinian mass uprising began, the writing was on the grey cement walls of refugee camp houses in Gaza, where you could read the anguish of Gaza camp residents at the spectacle of the Amal militia bombarding Palestinians in...

Ma'oz, Palestinian Leadership on the West Bank

Moshe Ma’oz, Palestinian Leadership on the West Bank: The Changing Role of the Mayors Under Jordan and Israel (London: Frank Cass, 1984).

Moshe Ma’oz is a current favorite in Israel and the US to...

West Bank Journal

Raja Shehadeh, The Third Way: A Journal of Life in the West Bank (London: Quartet Books, 1982).

My problem with the newspapers is that I can’t settle on the right time to read them. In the morning they...

Barbash, Beyond the Walls

Beyond the Walls, directed by Uri Barbash. Written by Benny Barbash, Eran Pries and Uri Barbash. Produced by Rudy Cohen. 103 minutes. Color. 35 mm. Distributed by Warner Brothers’ Globe Exports.