Betwewen Iraq and a Hard Place

Jordanian-Iraqi Relations

by Curtis Ryan
published in MER215

No Jordan Option

by Marc Lynch | published June 24, 2004

Boycott Fever in Jordan

by Sa'eda Kilani
published in MER226

Sipping coffee in downtown Amman, a friend just returned from a three-week stay on a scholarship in the United States surprised me by saying, “I don’t know if I should smoke.” Had she fallen victim to the American anti-smoking frenzy? Not exactly, she continued: “You know, I’m boycotting American products, and there are only Marlboros [for sale] here.” Marlboro cigarettes are but one target of a movement sweeping Jordan and the entire Arab world calling for the boycott of American and British companies which deal with Israel.

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More Than a Mob

The Dynamics of Political Demonstrations in Jordan

by Jillian Schwedler
published in MER226

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Occupied Maan

Jordan's Closed Military Zone

by Jillian Schwedler | published December 3, 2002

Don't Blink

Jordan's Democratic Opening and Closing

by Jillian Schwedler | published July 3, 2002

On June 26, Jordan's King Abdallah II issued a royal decree pardoning former parliamentarian Toujan Faisal, who had been sentenced on May 16 to 18 months in jail for "seditious libel" and "spreading information deemed harmful to the reputation of the state." Faisal's release "on humanitarian grounds" was welcome not only because of her failing health, but because the charges against her were dubious.

Waking the Red-Dead

by Lizabeth Zack
published in MER254

“Look at that!” said Muhammad ‘Asfour, an environmentalist and avid nature photographer, pointing to a picture of a boat and wooden staircase perched well above the Jordanian shore of the Dead Sea. “Do you see how far they are from the waterline?”

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